Exquisite Oil

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Luxurious formulas cater to hair seeking replenishment and exquisite shine.

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Biolage Haircare Exquisite Oil Micro-Oil Shampoo

Exquisite Oil Micro-Oil Shampoo

Cleanses and replenishes the hair with oils and nutrients.
biolage exquisite oil oil cream conditioner bottle

Exquisite Oil Oil-Cream Conditioner

Helps restore shine for vibrancy, illuminated hair.
Biolage Haircare Exquisite Oil Strengthening Treatment

Exquisite Oil Strengthening Treatment

Replenishes hair with moisture and conditioning.
Biolage Haircare Exquisite Oil Protective Treatment

Exquisite Oil Protective Treatment

Protects and nourishes hair for extra softness and brilliant shine.
Biolage Haircare Exquisite Oil Softening Treatment

Exquisite Oil Softening Treatment

Tame frizz and flyaways for smoother hair.

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