5 Hair Color Trends for Fall/Winter 2018

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What’s the hair color forecast for fall/winter 2018? The experts at Matrix predict soft, blended tones; tortoiseshell accents and a return to realistic hues…with a slight chance of gray! Here are the fall/winter hair color trends:
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Pay attention, brunettes! Just like its namesake, this hair color trend incorporates shades like golden caramel, chestnut and toffee into your chocolate base.  Also like its namesake, these colors are blended and swirled for a beautiful, warm, natural result.


Is it dark blonde or light brown? Both really!  The season’s coolest haircolor is a subtle blend of tan, mocha and creamy tones that melt together to form a beautiful, sophisticated blend.  If your blonde hair color is blown out or your brown hair color needs a lift, bronde is the hue for you! 


In Hollywood, the haircolor technique in hot demand is a marriage of balayage, (or hand-painted highlights), and soft ombré (or sombré) on the ends.  “The sombré is a subtler form of ombré with reduced contrast between the roots and the ends,” explains Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas. “Then we go in and apply balayage highlights around the face and along the top of the head.  The result is sunkissed, natural, ‘lived-in’ color that my celebrity clients are crazy about!  It can be done on any hair color—just keep the ends and the highlights no more than a shade or two lighter than the base color.” 

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Gray Matters

Most women don’t hesitate to cover up any sign of silver hair, but a growing group of fashionistas is actually embracing a steely hue.  If you opt to sport this edgy look, make sure the color is as cool as possible—think violet gray, blue gray or pure silver--and use a variety of tones to avoid a flat, drab, “granny” effect.  Also, a gray hair color shade with a metallic finish will amp up the sparkle and look truly modern.  “To keep these shades looking fresh,” suggests Matrix Artistic Director Chrystofer Benson, “shampoo with a product that is formulated to cancel out unwanted warm tones, and ask your stylist about professional glossing treatments that will maintain and balance the cool tone.” 

Back to Reality

If you’ve dabbled in rainbow haircolor shades like lime or cotton candy pink, or flirted with pastels like seafoam green or lilac, you may be ready to return to your roots.  “A lot of my adventurous color clients are interested in ‘real’ blonde, red and brunette shades again,” says Papanikolas.  In any shade range, realistic haircolor is characterized by gentle contrast and dimension—it’s not one, all-over shade.  The other “must?”  Shiny, healthy, touchable hair to show off that glorious hair color in its best light!

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